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Cummins Engine a Pioneer in Racing

Jan 13 2020 102 Comments competition cummins Diesel Drag Racing diesel life racecar

Cummins Special Diesel lead the way for Diesel racing in the early 1900's. Now a Billion Dollar Company, Cummins started in a garage.

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Long Haul Paul a Trucker with a Heart for Music.

Nov 11 2019 53 Comments apparel diesel life diesel truck t-shirts

Long Haul Paul is a Trucker who finds his voice while on the open road. Long Haul takes his love of trucking and combines it with his love for music to make his new album "You Were a Good Hand".

You were a Good Hand

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Project: High Mileage Part 2- MORE POWER

Feb 20 2016 2 Comments amazon.com american american made apparel awesome better mileage blog boost clean diesel enthusiast cleandiesel clutch cummins daily driver diesel diesel life diesel performance diesel repair diesel truck dieseldragracing dodge drag racing dyno dyno day emissions engine fan fuel fanfuel fass fast fleece fleeceperformance gotboost hardway hardwayperformance hats Horsepower more power peterbilt power pull n weight realdiesellife rhino liner rlc rlcmotorsports suncoast suncoast diesel suncoast transmission suncoastperformance truck truck build truck repair trucker tshirt tune tuning turbo turbo kit

Here, we have the Pull N Weight 2500 Diesel Cummins Engine completely stock. While driving all over the Country putting a little over 25,000 miles on it in less than 4 months; everyone wants more power! So, the experienced Michael Dalton and the boys over at RLC Motorsports put their heads together to figure out different options to add more power and torque to the 6.7 liter Cummins while staying within the guidelines of the emissions regulations. Guess what? RLC says we add an extra Turbo! http://rlcmotorsports.com/      Next, they decide to use nothing other than the Hardway Compound Stage...

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