Long Haul Paul a Trucker with a Heart for Music.

Long Haul Paul a Trucker with a Heart for Music.

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Paul Marhoefer grew up singing in a cinder block church on the low end of Muncie, Indiana. “Much like Sam Cooke, it’s my gospel roots that made me.” Now going by Long Haul Paul, He wants you to know that his music is more than the image of an “Outlaw Trucker”. Long Haul Paul has been a trucker for 40+ years. Trucking is where he gets his inspiration from when writing his beloved songs. Its Trucker Music made by a Trucker who loves what he does.  

“You Were a Good Hand” is Paul’s latest Album which has a more personal touch. With tracks like “The Old Cumberland” telling the story of when Paul himself heard Hank Williams perform for the first time. It was the very moment that changed everything from him. "Anaheim Girl" another intimate track was originally written for Todd Sturgis wife Tamara (of Shipping Wars reality show on A&E) as an anniversary present. A beautiful tribute which details a trucking family's odyssey from addiction to recovery.  

 You were a Good Hand

Now 60 years young. Paul has been fully committed to music for 5 years, and has no plans to stop. You can hear Paul’s latest tracks on iTunes, Spotify, and Google Music. Physical copies can be obtained at the concert, or by going to Longhaulpaulmusic.com.  


Check out the video to “Anaheim Girl”:  https://youtu.be/D0w-zM-1tjM    

Also check out our Diesel Life “Keep American Working Shirt”. Its Truckers, people like Paul, Todd, and Tamara who are on the road making sure Americans keep working. 

 Diesel Life is https://diesellife.com/collections/men/products/keeping-america-working-s-s-t-shirt 


Keep America Working


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