What is FANFUEL?

An excellent question that many of you may have! FanFuel is our way of enthusing our biggest Diesel Life fans with a exciting compilation of what's going on this month, ALL FOR FREE! We bring together all of the events of the current month, special promotions to various trucker apparel products including Hats, Hoodies, Dri-Fits, Decals, T-Shirts, and more. In addition to informing our FanFuel members of this, we also include special Diesel Life exclusive promotions that are guaranteed to satisfy your Diesel craving. 

FanFuel members do not receive more than two e-mails per month, which is part of what becoming a member is all about. You're the FIRST to get the BEST deals and stay in-the-know about trucking events, trucking apparel, and truck accessories. 


Become a FANFUEL member by simply signing up to our newsletter. IT'S FREE!

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I really enjoy the forum.Thanks Again. Fantastic. Salvino


Just signed up. This service is excellent. Thank you diesel life!!!

Bill Sheldon

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