Shell Rotella Super Rigs 2016

Shell Rotella Super Rigs 2016

Jolpin, Missouri is where the action will be June 9-11th at the Joplin Convention Center when Shell Rotella Super Rigs comes to town!  The truck-friendly town of Joplin welcomes participants and show attendees with hometown favorites like 4 State Trucks, home of the Chrome Shop Mafia, and a convoy from the convention center to downtown Joplin Friday night, where there will be fireworks and live entertainment.

2015 Best of Show Kiegan Nelson took home the $10k prize money with his 1985 Peterbilt Model 359 last year.  


Lil Ray's Transport always shows well, and took 2nd Runner up in 2015 with the flaming skull paint job.

We're looking forward to seeing our friend Tony Justice perform tracks from his new "Brothers of the Highway" album as the main stage performer for Friday night's entertainment. Here's a clip from Big Rig Videos of the title song.

Join us in Joplin for a weekend of beautiful trucks, fellowship with one another and great live entertainment. Don't forget to stop by the Diesel Life booth!

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