2016 Ulimate Callout Challenge doesn't disappoint diesel fans

2016 Ulimate Callout Challenge doesn't disappoint diesel fans

Can you feel it? The rumble of diesel drag racing's cream of the crop?


Can you hear it? Well you will – it's that time of year again, kids. The best of the best have been called out to put their build where their mouth is, for bragging rights – and oh yeah, over $30k in payouts – at the Ultimate Callout Challenge  in Salt Lake City, Ut., May 4th – 6th.


Thirty two of the highest horsepower diesel trucks in the industry, as deemed worthy by Diesel World Magazine  and the Northwest Dyno Circuit (NWDC), took the line during this three day event. These aren't your every day coal rollers, these bad mothers were pushing 1200 to 2000 hp and enough torque to tear a hole in the space time continuum. The diesel force was strong with this one.


Firepunk Diesel's  Lavon Miller walked away with the bragging rights, money and title this year with an overall score of 2656.602.


We understand not everyone enjoys the raw excitement of hearing and feeling a diesel engine so powerful it makes the very earth around it vibrate, but for those of us who truly appreciate the artistry and engineering of something as perfect as a race-tuned  6.6L LML Duramax with R&R rods, de-lipped and anodized 15.5:1 compression LML pistons, Empire Performance Engineering Stage 1 Alter Fire camshaft, Stage 2 valvesprings and pushrods, and ARP head studs, rocketing a Denali towards infinity and beyond, this event is a must see.


Here's a 2016 re-cap from our friends at Vibrant Performance

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