Rudy's Rules Diesel Performance

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Diesel Industry News is a new blog we'll be doing bi-weekly on notable people, places and things pertaining to the diesel performance and trucking industry. We're happy to kick it off with an overview of our friends over at Rudy's Diesel Performance out of Burlington, North Carolina.

First and foremost, Rudy's is a full service shop with an in-ground dynamometer for all your tuning needs.  Whether you're looking for a little tweak or enough torque to twist metal, they can not only supply your parts, but install them professionally and tune them to perfection.

A huge online catalog, carrying everything from valve springs to turbo kits, offers free shipping on orders over $50 and personal attention with dedicated online and telephone staff available to assist you.

Twice a year, Rudy's hosts the best of the best with Outlaw Diesel Super Series events. This season kicked off in April, winners took home big prizes, big bragging rights and the invitation to come back to Piedmont Dragway the first weekend in October, to defend their titles and prove they've got the best builds in the industry.

A 52,000 sq ft facility with 30 employees and a desire to excel in customer service is what Rudy's has to offer on a daily basis. Continuous builds for their own racing and pulling team keep the shop pertinent in the industry and always looking ahead to implement the latest technology.

We appreciate our friends at Rudy's and look forward to the next event!



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